Since 1973, the St. Louis Minority Business Council ha been a stand alone entity. On December 31, 2015 the SLMBC merged with the St. Louis Regional Chamber. This merger is an example of moving away from the “us vs. them” narrative that has dominated the St. Louis region’s story for far too long. By joining efforts with the SLMBC, the Regional Chamber hopes to inspire many more businesses and individuals to work together for a more prosperous region for everyone.

The St. Louis region continues to face the business challenges generated by an increasingly global economy. Since we believe all citizens must become involved in our region’s economic revitalization, the SLMBC has incorporated this spirit of inclusion in its mission.

The Council is dedicated to creating a climate that will make purchasing from Minority Business Entrepreneurs (MBEs) a normal corporate practice in the business community. Creating a user-friendly business climate will increase business opportunities for minority firms as well as enhance economic development in the bi-state region. The SLMBC works to achieve this objective by:

  • Advocating, marketing and promoting the utilization of Minority Business Entrepreneurs
  • Assisting minority-owned businesses in obtaining access to diverse sources of capital
  • Developing educational and informational resources that enhance the capabilities of minority-owned businesses to fulfill corporate purchasing requirements.

The SLMBC continues to serve as one of the premier strategic business partners in the region. In our early days, we focused primarily on matching minority vendors with area companies for local purchases. Over time, we have transformed into a true business ally and an active participant in the St. Louis region’s economic growth.

For our corporate partners, we are a key conduit for executing of supplier diversity programs. We also act as advocates for MBEs and look for multiple avenues to ensure their businesses continue to grow over time.

Today, MBEs generate more than $7 billion in revenues and account for 10,546 jobs in the region.

SLMBC is committed to partnering MBEs with major U.S. corporations through strategic marketing and communications programs that educate majority companies on the benefits of doing business with minority entrepreneurs. As we continue to make these strategic business connections, we also look for innovative ways to become an even greater asset to our partners.

Our goal: To increase the amount of dollars spent with minority vendors while helping member corporations develop and maintain the highest-quality diversity procurement programs.

The result: A strengthened regional economy.