About Us

Who We Are
The St. Louis Minority Business Council is a business development organization that is focused on assisting minority and diverse owned businesses develop strategic relationships/partnerships with major sourcing organizations that results in mutually beneficial business relationships that foster measurable regional economic prosperity and equity.

What We Do


  • We work closely with certified minority and diverse owned businesses (M/DBEs)  and major sourcing organizations to facilitate connections with sourcing opportunities.
  • We assist M/DBEs to build capacity and accelerate business growth.
    We provide leadership development and educational opportunities to M/DBEs to assist them in become more effective business leaders.
  • We are a consistent advocate for the business value and economic impact of utilization, growth and support for minority and diverse owned businesses.
  • We identify and advocate for policies that can have the impact of helping minority and diverse businesses succeed
  • We tell the stories of M/DBE successes.

Why We Do What We Do
If the St. Louis region’s economy is experience growth and fully leverage our competitive advantages,  minority and diverse owned businesses must become more intentionally integrated into the region’s economy. The SLMBC believes that a robust regional supplier diversity ecosystem, where purchasing from minority and diverse owned businesses is a normal way of doing business, where M/DBE growth and success are integral components of the region’s growth strategy, and the region’s economy is increasingly more equitable are necessary for long-term and sustainable regional prosperity.

What Are Our Results?


  • Effective, long-term and short-term business relationships sustained between minority and diverse business enterprises and major buying organizations;
  • Stronger minority and diverse business enterprises that have the capacity to grow;
  • More member organizations committed to inclusion and diversity in procurement and employment; and
  • Increased jobs, capital investment and employers in the St. Louis MSA.
SLMBC By the Numbers – MBEs Contribute Millions in Economic Impact (2013 numbers)
Estimated Annual Sales$7,565,359,501.00 
Potential City ImpactTax RateEst Tax Revenue
City Earnings Tax1.00%$75,653,595.00
Property Tax$.03 per $100$2,269,608.00
Potential State ImpactTax RateEst Tax Revenue
State Sales Tax9.49%$717,952,617.00
Corp Income Tax6.25%$472,834,969.00
State UnEmp Tax3.51%$265,544,118.00
Vehicle Sales Tax4.22%$319,258,171.00
Workers Comp Tax3.14%$237,552,288.00
State Payroll Tax0.50%$37,826,797.00